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Project 3 (HO Scale Passenger Car Lighting)

Southern Pacific Passenger Car Old Time HO Passenger Cars Burlington Streamline Coach with onboard electric pickup

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Baggage Car with red light in rear (see Project 3A)    

Project 5 (HO Caboose Lighting )

Generic Caboose with Upgrades Christmas Caboose with Red , Green and White Lights Christmas Caboose Green interior Lights
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Super Bowl Express with Lighted Caboose Three Lighted Cabooses Courtesy Ken Karpel TN  

Project 7 (Flashing Rear End Device HO, S & O Scale)

Courtesy: James Flynn  WS

Courtesy: Nick Carbone, MA

Top: Flashing LED only Below: EOT unit FRED on an S Scale Utility Wagon EOT on NS Caboose. Note Switch placed in window

Project 8 ( O or S scale Caboose Lights)

Top: Lionel O Scale Below: Am Flyer S Scale Caboose

S Scale modified Christmas Caboose with Green interior Light

 Newer 2013 Lionel Model with lighting added

O Scale Pennsylvania Caboose - Courtesy Erick S. Illinois O Scale Pennsylvania Caboose - Courtesy Erick S. Illinois O Scale Lionel Tender - Courtesy Mike LoGrande NH

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O Scale Rear Passenger Car - Courtesy Mike LoGrande NH O Scale Locomotive Tender -Courtesy Mike LoGrande NH  


Project 9  ( O or S Scale Passeneger Car Lighting )

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S Scale Circus Carriage S Scale Car with Track pickup and Lighting converted to LEDs  

Project 11  ( O or S Scale Lighting with Track Pickup  )

Kit includes 3 White LEDs and 2 Red LEDs

O Scale Amtrak with Track Pickup S Scale Car with Track Pickup 2 White Cabin and 1 red rear O Scale Caboose with Track Pickup 4 LEDs C.Mullins TN

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O Scale Caboose with  2 White,2 Red LEDs    C.Mullins TN    

Project 16 ( Auto Reversing Layouts)

HO Scale Working on the Railroad O scale (3 rail Trolley)    F.Kammer OH N Scale  Layout addition    E.Nordwell MN


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