Project Listing (latest is first)

Project 15: Add a LED Light to Atlas or Life-Like HO Bumper - Buffer

Project 14:  Using a COP CAM to videotape your Track Layout

Project 13:   Add LED lights to a HO Utility Work Car

Projects 12 a & b : Build a HO Scale Target Block Signal with bicolor LEDs and switch operated OR use a modified Bachmann(TM) with 2 LEDs added.


Project 11: Converting older incandescent bulbs to LED circuits for O and S scale  Rolling Stock


Project 10: Cheap Storage using Pizza boxes for HO Rolling stock

Project 9: Add Lights to O or S Passenger cars with 9V onboard battery

Project 8: Add Lights to O or S Scale Caboose with on board 9V Battery

Project 7: FRED- Flashing Rear End Device for Caboose or Rolling Stock (HO/S/O)

Project 6: Tips for Lighting Rolling Stock

Project 5: Light Up your HO Caboose


Project 4: HO Electric Track Pickup Wheels using copper collars

Projects 3  a & b HO Passenger Car LED Lighting system

Project 2Trees & Ground Cover using - Fiber Fill Material

Project 1 Wall Shelves for  Displaying Model Trains