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Project 2 - Fiber Fill Scenic Material


Fiber Fill material for Making your own Trees & Foliage for Model Train Scenery.

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$2 / Pack*

One Pack

Project 3 -HO Passenger Car Lighting Kit

LED Lighting kit for passenger cars, Locomotives or buildings with flicker free and constant bidirectional lights.

This kit can be used with existing track electric pickup or use the copper collar electric pickup wheel sets in Project 4 (below). Most passenger cars use 36" wheels that are ordered separately. A set of 4 "fairy" LEDs is now included with each kit as an option for lighting. (see Project 18)

Instructions included.

(Soldering is required)

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$5 /kit *


One Kit

Project 4 - Track Electric Pickup Collar Wheel set Kit

Two wheel sets with copper collars. Wheels are flat back,  specify whether 33" or 36 " are required. Instructions included.


(Soldering is required)

wheelsetskit.jpg (166234 bytes)

$5/kit *


33" Kit

36" Kit

NOTE:   Additional Wheel sets without copper collars are also available --- see below
Project 5-HO Caboose Lighting Kit

A complete set that includes electrical components, bridge rectifier, capacitor, LED Driver chip, 4 LEDs (2x 2mm red,1x5mm Yellow,1x5mm soft white) and connection wires along with two  33" wheel sets with copper collars for electric track pickup.  Instructions included.

(Soldering is required)



CabooseLightKit2.jpg (227580 bytes)


One Kit *
Project 7 - FRED  End of Train Flashing Device Kit

Components for assembling an End of Train Flashing Red Light . Uses a CR2032 dime sized battery (not supplied due to Postal Regulations). Kit Includes components shown. A slide switch to turn off the light when not in use and a Flashing LED is included. Suitable for HO, S and O scale.

(Soldering is required)


FREDKit.jpg (216195 bytes)


HO Kit



S/O Kit*

Project 8 - O or S Scale Caboose Lighting Kit using on-Board Battery

Components for assembling LED Lights in a O Scale (Lionel) Caboose , other O Scale cabooses and S Scale (American Flyer).

Uses a 9 Volt on-board battery (not supplied) to direct 20 mamps current to two 3mm Red rear LEDs and one 5mm soft white LED using a floor mounted  ON/OFF switch. Instructions included.

(Soldering is required)

SOcabKit.jpg (227688 bytes)


One Kit

Project 9 - O or S Scale Passenger Car Lighting Kit using an on-Board Battery

Components for adding soft white 5mm LEDs to either S Scale or O Scale rolling stock.

Uses a 9 Volt on-board battery (not suppliesd) to direct 20 mamps current to three 5mm soft white LEDs mounted in the cabin ceiling. An  ON/OFF switch is accessible from under the car. Instructions included.

(Soldering is required)


SOCarLightKit.jpg (149796 bytes)



One Kit
Additional Wheel Sets for Projects 3,4 and 5

Two HO Scale metal wheel sets without the copper collars can be used to replace the other wheels on the trucks of the rolling stock car.

These wheel sets are available in 33" (3/8", 0.9cm diam) or 36" (13/32",1 cm diam). The wheels have smooth backs and are produced by a leading US company. If ordered with a kit the wheel sets will be included as part of the kit. Each wheel set consists of 2 wheels and one axle sold as a group of 2.

Wheelsets.jpg (160887 bytes)

$2.75 / 2 Wheel Sets *

33" Wheel Size



36" Wheel size

Project 11 - O or S Scale LED Light Conversion Kit for Rolling Stock

This kit includes the electrical components for converting incandescent bulbs to LED circuits for O and S Scale Rolling Stock such as passenger cars and Cabooses with electric track pickup already installed.

Three White 5mm LEDs and Two Red 3mm LEDs are included along with connecting wires and switch.

Instructions are included for installation.



  $10 /Kit


 One Kit*
Project 12a - HO Scale Target Signal Switch operated

This kit includes the structural and electrical components for making a searchlight signal with single target. It uses a bicolor, (red/green) single LED. The switch is manually controlled via a DPDT switch which is used to reverse current flow from a 9 Volt battery power supply.  A resistor and LED driver chip limit current to the LED and allows higher voltages to be used if desired. Instructions are included.

Note: The battery is not included due to postal regulations and soldering is required.



to be replaced


Project 12b - a 2 LED modified HO Bachmann Signal System, Switch operated. This kit includes a signal with LEDs and wiring installed into a Bachmann block signal along with connecting wires, switch and a 9 Volt battery holder with ON/OFF switch. A signal with LEDs and wiring installed can also be purchased separately.

NOTE:   The battery is not included and additional 28 G connecting wire may be needed for remote location of the switch. Soldering is also required.  

 $10.70 /Signal Kit

$5.50 Signal only

One Kit*


Project 15- Add LED to HO Bumper This kit includes the components for installing an LED circuit into either an Atlas (#843) or Life-Like (#8628) HO scale end of track Bumper. The kit can be used for 2 Buffers.

Lighting options include a static Red LED, a Amber/Orange LED and a Bicolor Red/Yellow LED. Only the latter will light when current direction is changed. 

Instructions are included. Soldering of some components is required.


$5 / Kit

One Kit*
Project 15b- Modified Atlas Bumper

This kit includes a new Atlas (#843) HO scale end of track Bumper adapted to accommodate an LED. Code 100 nickel silver track.

Three LEDs are provided a static Red, static Amber and Red/Yellow bidirectional LED that will illuminate in both directions when used in DC mode. In DCC mode orient the LED so it lights as the train approaches .

The LEDs are cut 1/4" below the base and inserted into the LED socket on the bumper.


$7.00/ Kit

One Kit*
Project 16 - Automatic Reversing Module  This Kit is used to install a Reversing Motor Relay circuit board to automate back and forth Locomotive or Trolley movement on a point to point layout. Diodes are used to stop the train at both ends of the track and require soldering to the track. Track insulators are included for HO scale track.

Use in DC operating mode. Can be used in N,HO,O and S scales.

Full Instructions are included.




 One Kit*
Project 16 - Accessories

1.DC Adapter for using a 6-12 V DC power Unit

2. 12 Volt AC to 9 Volt DC Power Converter

3. Black Project Box to house Relay Board

4. Replacement Auto Reversing Relay Module

5. Set of 2 LED Lighted Modified HO Scale Atlas Bumpers with Red/Green bidirectional LED

1.  $3 /DC Adapter Plug

2.  $6 /12VAC to 9V DC Converter

3. $4 /Project Box 

4. $13 /Relay Module

5. $15 /Set of 2 Bumpers

Select to ORDER*
Project 17 - Stop and Go Circuit Module This kit  includes a Relay Circuit Board ,  a reed switch, a slide switch and  one neodymium magnet. The magnet and reed switch is used to activate the board's stop delay . Full instructions are included.             $22 /Kit One Kit*
Project 18 - Fairy Light LEDs for using existing Track electrical pickup

Two kits are listed

1) Kit A. for soldering unassembled components with both regular LEDs and a set of 4 Fairy light LEDs.(see Project 3) Instructions included.





2) Kit B.Assembled Circuit Board with 4 Fairy light LEDs and connection wires. Soldering of components is not required but may be required to attach to track pickup. Instructions are included.


If Electrical Pickup from the track is required refer to Project 4

FLEDsKits.jpg (233495 bytes)

$4.85 / Kit A*





$9.85 / Kit B *

One Kit A






One  Kit B
Project 19 HO Passenger Car Lighting Kit using an On-Board Battery and switch+ Fairy Lights

This kit uses a low profile battery holder for a CR2032 battery along with a switch and string of 4 fairy light LEDs to light passenger cars. FOR HO Scale but can be adapted for O or S Scales. Instructions are included. No soldering required.

Does not include the battery.


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$6.85 /Kit * One Kit *

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